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A vagina that has not been shaved for a long period of time, that is covered in the females own piss and discharge. These ingredients combine, and rub all over the hairy vagina, therefore creating the Lemon Cobbler!
Charles: Wow, something smells absolutely horrible.

Virginia: Oh im sorry! I have a lemon cobbler!
by Cherry cobbler January 20, 2009
A bloody Clitoris or Clit.
Virginia: Oh god i need to go to the bathroom so i can clean up my blit!

Charles: Ewwww
by cherry cobbler January 20, 2009
When a male and female proceed to have sexual intercourse, and while doing the dirty, the man realizes the girl is on her period, and her blood has rubbed all over his penile unit. In complete disgust, the male vomits all over his own penis, and the puke mixes with the blood, therefore creating a mixture that looks like chili on top of his dog (penis).
Charles: Wait whats that smell?

Virginia: Oh, well i forgot to tell you im on my period!

Charles: Oh no, your gona make me create a chili dog!
by cherry cobbler January 20, 2009
bloody poop
Virginia: Oh my, look at that turd. Theres something wrong with it.

Charles: Yeah there is. You just blooped!
by cherry cobbler January 20, 2009
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