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an asshole thats been severly fucked by an moon cock
my moon cock fucked that ass so hard when i was done it looked like a moon crater!
by cherish August 16, 2012

Ashnti sucks, itw ould suck if you would be called an ashanti.
She is another a-s-h-a-n-t-i.
by Cherish November 28, 2003
1. A quick way of saying $150.
2. A large cut across the face, stretching from one ear to the next. Also called a "Hospital Run".
1. Yo, I bought some kicks the other day for a buck fifty.
2. That nigga got a buck fifty right across his face.
by Cherish October 07, 2005
so cute and talented! I Love U Chingy!
he's the best rapper
CHINGY'S tha best rapper ever!
by Cherish November 28, 2003

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