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another word for a male friend; a bastardization of boy.
Me: Hey, BOYO, what the haps, man?
Friend: Nada, absolutely nada.
by Cherie Nelson May 23, 2005
Anything that restricts movement; used as a euphemism for pager or cell phone, when the main reason you have the thing in the first place is your work or your parental unit.
Loser #1: Dam, is that my leash or yours?

Loser #2: Yours I think - my boss is on vacation so he won't be calling me!
by Cherie Nelson May 24, 2005
A really ignorant person. Someone who doesn't know how the world works, and doesn't CARE to know.
Boyo, you are such an ignoramous. Can't you learn to shut your mouth while you chew your food?
by Cherie Nelson May 23, 2005
1) A particular situation; the ways things stack up.

2) A plan of action.
The scenario for today, my little kindergartners, is to first visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we will see fishes and whales and sea otters, and then to go have a picnic lunch on the beach.
by Cherie Nelson May 24, 2005
Something that happens to you that you didn't expect - but mostly good things. Being quirky isn't bad, it's just DIFFERENT. A quirk of fate is usually just a different scenario from what you were looking forward to.
Due to a QUIRK OF FATE, I found myself wine tasting with the captain of the fishing boat I was supposed to be sailing on.
by Cherie Nelson May 24, 2005
A word used along with a gesture to show how something is done.

My dad Ray used to use this word the whole time we were growing up to show EXACTLY what he meant. (He'd draw pretty good pictures, too.)
If I were to open the refrigerator and stand in front of the open door, THUSLY, I would be air conditioning the entire town of Santa Monica, now wouldn't I? Close the door, FOOL!
by Cherie Nelson May 21, 2005
Abbreviated form of Modern Conviences; means 'fully loaded". Popular in the 1960's when modern conveniences were new and unusual and 'elective.'
Dweeb 1: Hey, I just got a new cell phone from my company.

Dweeb 2: Does it have all the modcons? Like games, digital camera, customizable ringing?
by Cherie Nelson May 24, 2005
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