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A very fun game to play in public, especially on the Metro in Paris.

It all starts when one person randomly yells COCK! when they are in a group of people. Someone else in the group needs to catch up on what they are doing and yell AND! and a third person needs to finish off the game by yelling BALLS! It must be totally spontaneous.

PENIS-AND-TESTICLES may also be shouted, but COCK-AND-BALLS is a classic.

Scream is as loud as you can!
Pat: COCK!
Liz: AND!
Karen: BALLS!
by Cherie June 06, 2003
not a man, not a pig, full g
damn gpig you the mang, mang
by cherie September 15, 2004
Picking your Choice Talent, and having, HOtt, AMAZING mind blowing sex.. allll night..

" I met up with dave last night, and we skrocked the night away!"
" I met up with dave last night, and we skrocked the night away!"

Or use in a pick up like...

"hey baby you down for some skrockin?" Oh so you dont know what that is? Here let me show you"....
by Cherie November 23, 2004
A cute way to say backpack!
Gimmie my F****** PacPac B****!
by Cherie May 20, 2003
police officers who harass you for no reason
blue uniforms + acting like a bastard = blastard

Anybody who does something to piss you off, especially people of authority. (police, bouncers, PO)
I can't believe this blastard gave me a speeding ticket

I know that blastard didn't just cut me off!
by cherie September 13, 2004

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