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2 definitions by chelsea chealsea boom boom

A person who buys out the whole stock of tampons because they fear that they will not have enough tampons to last the winter. So to solve this problem, they buy up shelves at one time.
David: Hey Natasha, whatcha doin there?

Natasha: Nothing much, im just harvesting some tampons for the winter!

David: Oh dont tell me your a tampon farmer.

Natasha: fuck no! i aint no farmer im grown up now i have boobies the size of ur head
by chelsea chealsea boom boom July 29, 2010
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A person who always is in possession of way to many tampons or feminine products. A person who always has tampon falling out of bags, purses, and pockets at awkward times. When seen at a store such as CVS or Riteaid, they will excecivley buy tamps.
Stacey: Hey i think you might have a problem with buying too much tampons.

Suzzie: No i dont! Your crazy!

Stacey: Sometimes I think your such a tampon junkie!
by chelsea chealsea boom boom July 29, 2010
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