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What you get when you eat an entire Totino's Party Pizza.
I can't believe I ate the whole thing. I can slowly feel Totino's Poisoning setting in by the hardening of my stomach and the gradual calcification of my large intestine.
by cheesewheezy August 27, 2009
Receiving a hand job from behind, performed by a suspected transvestite.
I've been to Thailand twice, and I refuse to go any further than a Sleazy J, because there's simply no way to tell whether or not those prostitutes are actually female.
by cheesewheezy June 04, 2009
An violent act in which the Cuban Necktie (Panama) is combined with a Cleveland Steamer (Caboose).
Carlos, spurred by his desire to quickly climb the ladder, decided to step it up a notch and take out a rival drug lord by giving him a Panama Caboose.
by cheesewheezy June 04, 2009
A threesome consisting of two anorexic women and a man.
Did you see the skinny chicks I left the club with last night? If you're wondering, yes, I made a McRib sandwich.
by cheesewheezy June 04, 2009
Acquired Fish Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Fish AIDS).
Who has been sleeping with these fish? They all have large lesions on them- obviously a sign of AFIDS.
by cheesewheezy June 11, 2009
To lure a female under a set of bleachers in order to receive a hand job. This is essentially very specific, modern day version of the shanghai.
Verbal coercion can be quite difficult if you're going beijinging under the opposite team's bleachers while donning apparel supporting your team.
by cheesewheezy June 04, 2009
Grease that comes from the female taint (AKA Bunt). It is often formed from a mixture of sweat, urine, vaginal excretion, and fecal matter.
My car gets me laid so often that it is entirely covered in bunt grease. It is nearly impossible to operate due to the total lubrication of every surface.
by cheesewheezy June 04, 2009

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