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slang - used in place of "Alright" most commonly used in the New York area
*Secondary Spelling - Ite
Dude, you wanna come over later?
Iight, sounds good to me
by Cheesemonsta September 25, 2007
More commonly from New York City, citiots venture out to their summer homes in the Hamptons from Memorial Day to Labor Day. They usually have fancy cars and are usually wealthy. They drive like they own the place, and they walk around town and in stores like they own them too. Citiots are very snobbish. See also snob
Mom did you see that citiot cut me off at the stop sign?

Wow, that citiot just cut in front of me!
by cheesemonsta July 28, 2008
The act of being snobby. See also snob and citiot
Dude: That woman with her fancy jewlery just took that parking spot I was about to park in.
Girl: It's okay, she was just being snobbish.
by cheesemonsta July 28, 2008
Can be used in place of any word to mean anything you want it to mean and it can be used in any tense. Past tense more commonly spelled stroink'd
Dude you gonna stroink that girl at the party?
You just got stroinked man
Stroinked! Haha
by cheesemonsta April 20, 2008
Slang for Don't worry about it. most often used in AIM, an instant messaging program used to keep friends in touch
Person 1: Man, i just failed my english test. My mom is gonna kill me!
Person 2: dude, dwab. its iight
by Cheesemonsta September 25, 2007
1) To take or steal something that isn't your's
2) To gang up and kill someone on any type of video game
1) That guy just ganked all my money!
2) Let's go gank that noob.
by cheesemonsta April 29, 2008
Fuhgettaboutit - most commonly used in New York.
Used when someone is angry or showing signs of denial.
Hey man, you think you could give me a lift?
HA! Fuhgettaboutit pal.
by Cheesemonsta September 25, 2007
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