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1 definition by cheese_nutter (Nutty Nurse Nina, if you may, in the real world?What real world?)

If you're here 'coz someone said "Stop talking 2 urself",u probably are.Its just when u get so high on drugs, or glue, or you're drunk,and u start having a conversation,but the other other person is the other part of ur head.If it's a frequent habit (and if u need that link,ur totally screwed),then I'd get professional help-even if its ur screwed mate,who took drugs-tell em u got this other person in ur head,and u want him 2 fuck off.something like that.
"Who da fuck r u tlking to?!?!"
"Huh-wha?I woz talking to this guy in my head..."
"How many whiffs of that stuff did you take?Your one crazed up loser!Get out of the Drug habit,man."