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ok, there is a huge debate going around with people who aren't cheerleaders and sit around on their lazy butts thinking up horrible stereotypical crap about cheerleaders. Honestly, you say you aren't jealous of cheerleaders, and that they suck or whatever sorta stuff you think up, but the truth is you are jealous, and you know you know you cant be a cheerleader(:

ok, so I am a cheerleader. On my squad, we have practice four days a week from 3-5 o'clock, gymnastics one night a week for 2 and a half hours. and condtitioning on Saturdays, where we run no less than 2 miles, do suicides, push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, and all the other sorta stuff like that. And, along with that, we are role models, because if a cheerleader does ANYTHING remotely questionable, EVERYONE at school is hating. But of course the whole football, baseball, basketball team can go out and get wasted, stoned and laid every single weekend and no one says a word. And we also get severe conditioning punishment if we have a C or D, and we get kicked off the squad with an F. But, on the football/baseball/basketball/etc. team, guys have gone to rehab, alternative school, or the dee home, and still participate in the sport.

yea, so go try to do a full, or even a backhandspring for that matter, if you are educated, classy, athletic, strong, determined, dedicated and sophisticated enough to even know what that is.

You will see how hard it is to be a cheerleader when you kill yourself trying to do the stuff we do.(:

you try to get at us cheerleaders, but honestly, we know we are better than you, so don't even bother, honey, because we can get any guy we please.

thank you, i hope you enjoyed my TRUTHFUL definition.

stupid loser who wishes she was a cheerleader: stupid cheerleaders, they think cheerleading is a sport.

logically thinking, non-loser: what? you know you want to be a cheerleader because they are athletes, and they dont think they are stupid man-women who aren't considered lesbos and they can get any guy they please!(:

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