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1 definition by cheerleaderrr

"Jewish American Princess"

-a rich, snobby, jewish girl.

-They wear different types of clothes then "preps". They wear A&F, Solow`s, Hard Tail, Prada, Kate Spade, Armani, Uggs, Juicy Couture, etc.

-They wear lots of make-up to make themselves look pretty.

-They give head to every guy they see who is in their Jappy group.

-They`re pants are low revealing a Victoria`s Secret thong.

-They`re shirts are too high but then the JAP will make it even higher by tying it up with a hair band and then trying to hide that they did such a thing by putting it under the shirt, creating a huge bump that looks similar to a hump on their backs.

-They`re of higher intelligence then preps. They are usually in Honors.

-They deny being a jap.

-Have no talents whatsoever.
"Oh my goddd!! I'm not a jap!!"

"I hate japs"

"Mary Jane is such a jap"

"I wear jappy clothes, but I'm not a jap!!"
by cheerleaderrr January 25, 2004