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Black Mans Wiener
I have a BMW back at the house!
by cheerleader eater May 20, 2010
A girl, usually under the age of 20 or so, that leads a life along the lines of dropping out of high school, finding a no-body boyfriend and having a baby with that boyfriend. Also, tends to have a dead end job and usually is content with the shit life she lives. She may have good physical attributes but will lose the sexiness after being pregnant for 9 months. Also, partying is more important than taking care of her baby which was a mistake, consequently leading the new born to grow up just like his father, a low life screw up.
I just found out my Showty is pregnant.
by cheerleader eater May 20, 2010
Remark said while inside Valencia Community College in Central Florida as a way to describe the people and environment.
Man this place is like a soup kitchen, fuck!
by cheerleader eater January 11, 2010

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