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1 definition by cheerbabe1234567890

a most likely pretty,popular girl in middle school or high school. shes probably going to be preppy and always say like. But besides that shes really into spirit and cheerleading on the sidelines at basketball, or football games.she may be dumb... she may be smart. she may be blonde... she may be brunette. but shes going to keep up with latest fads. FOR SURE!
cheerleaders convo:
amy: omg like did u see rachel flirting with ur like bf today ?
maci: omg she is soooooo.......
amy: ik right ?
maci:uhh. she is suchhh a wanna be .
amy:cmon girl lets go to cheer practice

maci:ok .. omg lets go
by cheerbabe1234567890 December 25, 2009