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A very selfish person who befriends you in all the Facebook aps (fishville, farmville, cafe world, etc), and never sends gifts to help you out.

Someone you send gifts to all the time in Facebook aps, and they never return the favor.
I sent Jerry a gift in farmville last week, that selfbooker never sent me one back.

Dude, dont send Raquel any more mystery boxes. That selfbooker wont send you anything back.

I need to build up my farm, but these selfbookers aren't helping me out!
by cheeks1128yahoo February 05, 2010
A man who masturbates more than anyone else.

A normal male who plays with himself so much, he has it down to a science.

A master of beating off.
Dude, once a week is enough for me, but Andy? Whoa...he's the strokemeister.

That strokemeister does it 3 times a day whether he needs to or not.
by cheeks1128yahoo February 06, 2010
One who is the master at the game of monopoly.

Someone who is unbeatable at Monopoly.
Jim bought Park Place and said "The Genda Corporation"

Dennis knew his money was getting low, The Genda Corporation had most of the properties.
by cheeks1128yahoo February 06, 2010
Cupping your bare hand over your bare ass and farting, then proceeding to have someone else smell your hand.
Jim gave Rick the ole' gas cap when he was least expecting it.
by cheeks1128yahoo February 06, 2010
A person that knows nothing about the sport of hockey.

Someone who disses hockey, and is unknowledgeable about the rules and gameplay.

A hockey hater.
Jeff thought Wayne Gretzky was a baseball player, what a Beechuk!

That Beechuk watches Icarly instead of The Stanley Cup finals.

Dude, that was purely offsides, don't be such a Beechuk!
by Cheeks1128yahoo February 06, 2010
The measure of how good a party is going to be, depending on who is going to be there.

The right mix of people to make a party or a poker game tolerable.
Dennis: Hey Mark, you coming to my party tonight?
Mark: What's the cool factor?
Dennis: Jeff, Bill and Sean will be there.
Mark: Good

I'm going to cash's house tonight to play holdem, the cool factor is going to be off the charts!
by cheeks1128yahoo February 03, 2010
Pronounced (fold-skeez)

Another way to say "fold" during poker.

Slang for "fold" used by dudes who always add a "ski" at the end of words.
Dennis: I raise
Jeff: foldskis

Chip re-raised the pot, so I have to foldskis.
by cheeks1128yahoo February 10, 2010

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