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An attractive younger woman that most commonly exudes a certain likeliness to be promiscous either now or in the definite future either through dress, attitude, speach, mannerisms or a combination of all. This is commonly used, but not limited to, describing attractive and flirtatious younger sorority girls. It could be assumed that cougars were perhaps baby hoes in their formative years.

This term originated at the University of Arkansas.
"Natalie Portman has been my number one baby ho ever since I saw The Professional"
"Fo Sho"

"I drove down Maple Street the other day, and the baby hoes were out on their lawns in full force"

"I couldn't even get a treadmill because all the baby hoes were toning up for spring break"
by chclark February 26, 2009
A matching ensemble of corduroy pants and corduroy shirt or jacket. Very closely related to the pacific NW and the grunge scene
Trent totally wore a 90's tuxedo in his 7th grade school photos
by chclark November 14, 2011
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