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Brought to the College of William and Mary campus per a women's basketball, Boogie. Filtrated throughout the campus by every member of the Tribe Women's Basketball team. The term "curve" has multiple meanings;
1. to avoid something or someone
2. to drop something, as in conversation
3. to dismiss someone or something said
Example (1):
Boy: Hey shawty, what yo name is?
Girl: *rolls eye and keeps walkin* (Boy has just been curved)


Joe: What happened last night man?
Billy: So, you know how Becky told me she was staying at Ashley's, well she told Ashley she was staying at Rebecca's and, told Rebecca she was staying with me, when she was actually staying with Stephen.

Joe: You know what man, I have no idea what you're talkin about anymore, just curve that i even asked.

Coach: Get on the baseline!!
by chaybizzy44 April 14, 2011
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