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A brainless piece of crap that usually wears really bad clothes, and has a very low IQ! Cant speak proper English and shouts at old people for shits and giggles!
Chav: 'Yo Yo Yo Shelly that kids starting on yah! He just called you a minger'
Chav 2: 'Yo you wanna make something outta it, bling bling, Il knock your fucking head in, Brappp! Brappp! You betta not mess wif my gang they'l break yah neck'
Normal Kid: 'Shut up you stupid fat bitch'
Chav: Runs off crying to her boyriend who is stealing some babys nappies from Tesco, for this other girl he got pregnant 8 months ago. He has 3 kids already and hes only 14. He'l be appearing on Jeremy Kyle tomorrow. His mother is so proud of him.
Stupid chavs
by chavs are shit December 08, 2008
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