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its a council estate or council housing in the UK.

a chav is the equivalent of white trash. those people on benefits (welfare) AND who dont try to find work AND are happy with this life style.

the government provides them with housing and welfare and you find some who have not worked a single day in there lives to earn a living.

this can happen for generations in the same family and they tend to have children at an early age 16. many of them sometimes accidentally but sometimes due to not having anything else to do other than shag.
i got a puncture on my bicycle near that chav factory because of the broken beer bottle glass on the road.

that chav factory is so noisy, we should call the police.

oh did you hear that hun: there is another murder at the chav factory nearby.
by chav hunter November 02, 2012
A stingy ginger git who once had sex with a poodle
OMG! That ginger bastard is shagging my dog!
by Chav Hunter January 14, 2005
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