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A man who is consistently emasculated by his girlfriend or wife.
"Bob agreed to give up drinking on Friday so he can eat dinner at his mother-in-laws. What an ass-butler."
by chauncey July 20, 2004
A type of bowel movement that is so odious that the fumes strip paint off of the bathroom wall.
"If youre thinking about re-painting your bathroom, let Joe take a paint peeler in there to help get the old color off first."
by chauncey July 27, 2004
A man you swear is gay, but later find out he has a girlfriend.
"I thought Jim was gay until I met his girlfriend, so it was all just a homoptical illusion."
by chauncey July 20, 2004
The stomach of an overweight bather in the Atlantic Ocean trying to ride waves into the beach without a boogie-board.
"Since Bob put on the weight, he now rides his fleshboard in Wildwood."
by chauncey July 20, 2004
Looking at your physique in a car window after a gym session to get an exaggerated sense of muscle definition
"Look at my triceps horseshoe in that tinted Ford window! If only my real build was as good as my car build."
by chauncey July 20, 2004
A large completley erect penis with veins protruding from the sides of the swollen penial shaft.
She licked and gently stroked his cock for so long, it had become completely engourged, a "Vein Laden Meat Pipe" ready to penetrate into her soft, wet, gasping pussy.
by chauncey August 05, 2003
An irritating or overbearing mother in law.
"I was holding my friends baby until his crowbat swooped in and took him away."
by chauncey July 20, 2004

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