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A submissive person, male or female, that enjoys being made to do the homework of attractive/dominate people for free. The act of having to do the attractive/dominate person's work for them while the attractive/dominate one parties, relaxes, etc., stimilates the submissive's need to be selfishly used and abused.
Master: "Slave, I'm going to party all weekend and need you to write my paper for me, it's due Monday"
Homework Slave: "Yes Master"
by chattelslave February 20, 2010
In BDSM, the ultimate power-trip sexual position for the alpha male. Named after the Egyptian pharaohs, who were worshipped as livings gods, and also because of the triangle shape of the sexual position; the top of the pyramid being the leading man’s penis. The position requires 4 people - an alpha male, a submissive girl, and two submissive males. The act consists of the two submissive males lying on the floor, on their backs, usually with only their heads protruding from underneath the foot of a bed, looking straight up. The female will kneel on the bed with her face down and ass up ready to be taken from behind. The alpha male stands barefoot on the faces of the two submissive males (one foot on each face; heels to foreheads) while fucking the submissive girl from behind. The stance signifies the alpha male's undisputed dominance over other males and his mastery of women. The feeling of the faces of other people under your feet, being used as your floor and fuck mat, while a submissive girl obediently presents herself for your pleasure is the ultimate power trip – you’re now a living god.
You two, down on the floor, you on the bed. I feel the need for a pharaoh fuck.
by chattelslave August 30, 2011

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