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2 definitions by charstonheston

Smith & Wesson. The largest gun manufacturer in the United States. It's known for its broad selection of ammunition and its revolutionary revolvers.
give my nig a 40, bang bang, it's like bacardi
I ain't talking s&w or da money,
just pregame before clubbin with da honeyz
by charstonheston April 13, 2008
73 17
coward. Used mostly in prison to size up the weakest freshly arrived inmates.
Prison rookie: I'm from Cedar Falls.
Prison veteran: Me too! What's that one girl's name?
Rookie: No idea
Veteran: Brittanny. It was Brittanny. You don't remember Brittanny?
Rookie: I think so. (smiles)
Veteran: Brittanny. Whew!
by charstonheston April 23, 2008
56 28