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a person that can't get over the past and insists on flirting with ex-school girlfriends whilst happily being in a current facebook relationship with another.
fakebook flirting is pretty harmless, it's not as if I'm living in the past and dissatisfied with my current facebook girlfriend. Surely it can't hurt anyone!
by charming doll January 27, 2011
a male tart. a male charmer that sleeps around.
He is such a tarter charming all the girls.
by charming doll January 26, 2011
a facebook friend who delights in pointing out every conceivable spelling, grammatical error or punctuation they can find on your profile or their newsfeed.
How about facebook trashing someone else buddy?
by charming doll January 27, 2011
a clinic where babies in the womb are killed by abortionists.
This is the second time this year she has come to the abortoir to have her unborn baby terminated. There are approximately 42 million babies killed at abortoirs worldwide a year.
by charming doll September 25, 2011
The act of abstaining from sugar.
I am going on a sweetox after seriously over-indulging on those chocolates.
by charming doll September 25, 2011
to stand and have a look around
Mate, just hang on a tick, I just want to have a slooky around. There is nothing more fun than slooking around me!
by charming doll May 29, 2011
a very dry humoured and sarcastic comment - generally delivered by someone who has a lot of style and insight.
I admire her for her sarkiness and spunk! She has really mentored me well and put me in my place with her sarkiness!
by charming doll December 12, 2011
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