41 definitions by charlotte

A name... quite a retarded one at that.
I wish my name was Bincins!
by Charlotte April 08, 2005
This describes a manner of talking, i.e. in the rather boring, monotonous way of someone who is old and boring.
I can't believe that speech my dad gave at my wedding - it was so greborious
by Charlotte June 01, 2004
a cutesy, bumbly, gorgeous person who is very special to you and you love very much!!
OR, alternatly, it's a sticky jelly thing covered in floury stuff spelt wrong.
How's ma ickle JellibaB today then??
I looooooove you, JellibaB!!!!!!!!
by Charlotte January 21, 2004
A real dumb person. Someone your mad at. Someone you dont like. that kind of thing
ow! you shit-logger! that hurt!
by Charlotte January 21, 2004
to fuck a rabbit slowly while sucking on its ears then rub ur cum into its fur and lick it back out
like last night my man was thumperbumpin me with fingering me :)
by Charlotte February 17, 2005
A man would find this very pleasurable.
Another stupid word for vagina,a girl may say i'd love you to fill in my pie.
by Charlotte February 07, 2005
Someone you don't like.
"Look, there goes the umpajig..."
by Charlotte June 09, 2004

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