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i hate you so fucking much

opposite of ilysfm
by charlotte July 26, 2005
crazy, foolish, odd. 'kooky'
her lime green and red polkadotted trousers are very yampi..

that lora, shes a bit yampi. yesterday she randomly snogged that old man
by charlotte March 24, 2004
oh i bubbled with so many guys
by Charlotte July 09, 2003
A Dad who is unemployed or divorced and has to act as a Mom would in relationship to taking care of the kids.
Pampers melt in a maytag dryer, crayons go up one drawer higher, rewind barney for the fiftenth time, Breakfast 6, naps at 9, there's bubble gum in the Baby's hair, Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair, been crazy all day long, and it's only monday Mr. Mom
by Charlotte October 10, 2004
one of those virgin who's gonna be a slut and they know it
I slam jammed those virgenzos hangin out at La Senza Girl.
by charlotte October 28, 2004
nobwobbler is when 2 people wank each utha!!
gayboy:will u nobwobble me please
gayboy 2:yeh of corse
gayboy:wow u r really good
gayboy 2:no just ur as quik as a genie
by charlotte October 14, 2004
Word which can used as a bad feeling or a reply to something you don't like. Also can be used if you make a mistake.

Started as a sound a friend made then developed into a word.
Feeling: "I feel all ichurbur"
Reply to something you don't like: "Oh ichurbur!"
Mistake: "Ichurbur!"
by Charlotte June 08, 2004

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