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A teeny bopper is usually between the ages of 11-15. Everything they like comes from the latest trends or fashions, which they have nothing of. Their whole existence is based on what their friends wear or have.
They only like what's "IN" and after that, they wouldn't be caught dead with it. "DeY TyPE LyK DiS."

They wear tight ass clothes even though they are fat as fuck. the shirts they wear would say something like "baby phat, roxy, princess, baby girl, flirt" they have no lives and obsess over their boyfriend and saying "i love you" like they actually mean it, and then get dumped a day later. they go to the mall more than 3 times a week in large groups, usually more than 8 people. they stand around stores and talk about useless stuff with their other teeny bopper friends. you can tell they're a teeny bopper if they bring a backback with them to the mall with nothing inside. teeny boppers wear rubber bands on their pants to try to look cool. they buy way too much shoes. they talk and can't back it up.

Teeny boppers aren't smart or good at sports. they're not even good at what they think theyre good at. believe me, i know some teeny boppers. their clothing makes me wanna burn my eyes off. well, a teeny bopper is someone who tries to be one of the girls in a rap video, with tight clothing, $200 hair, and expensive shoes and perfume. they make me sick. basically a teeny bopper is stupid, retard, wannabe kind of person.
teeny bopper 1:HeY GuRl. Y0u WaNna g0 2 dA mALl S0 wE kIn meEt uP WiT dA gUYZ AnD ThRow Up In tHe BaThr00ms aFteR LunCh?
teeny bopper 2: HeLlZ YAhz GiRLy.
by charlie willaim dag friegle August 09, 2006

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