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A person over an online game with microphones who has an annoyingly high pitched voice, often under 11. Squeakers commonly get upset over every bad thing that happens to them, taking it out on fellow players through loud shouting and mass amounts of swearing and name calling. Commonly found in popular FPS (first person shooter) games ex. Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2 etc.
squeaker:"Dude you guys suck! You got me killed because you didn't sacrifice your own life for mine! I kicked ass in the beta! You all are such n00bs, you would never make it in my clan."
guy 1:"Shut up you squeaker."
by charlie lower February 19, 2008
Someone who uses online gaming as a means of spreading there religous beliefs. Some techno priests are quite stuck up about their beliefs to the point they will subtly berate those who are non believers. Often contradict themselves by preaching over shooting or m games due to their higher popularity, as well as using them as a stepping stone . All religions can have techno priests, not just christianity.
guy 1:"Dude I straight up shot that guy in the face!"
techno priest:"You know if this was real life god would send you to hell for killing a man. But if you believe in jesus as your saviour then you will-"
*(techno priest) booted*
guy 1:"Damn techno priests, annoying is what they are."
by charlie lower February 19, 2008
Any hole or object a man could use to stick his penis in and have sex. A last resort for masturbation.
guy 1:"Dude I was super horny last night so i had to use a chuff."
guy 2:"Yeah? So what did you use?"
guy 1:"A sponge."
by charlie lower February 19, 2008

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