1 definition by charlie husllemore

A bucket is one who does any narcotic that is considered more lethal than marijuana-cannibus, on a regular basis, and sees it as part of the protocal I.e:
crack cocaine
Crystal meth

In the hood thesaurus the word bucket can be followed by : fiend, custy, crackhead, dopester, etc.

Slang: buck, young buck, buckey, buckaneer, buckateer, buckster, bucky mcbuckstwice
1. Clover the young buck: yo charlie go screw off, before i get frustrated

Richard: yo charlie how are you gonna let this guy bring such wreckless talks to u like so?!?!

Charlie Renegade Husslin: soft, dudes a bucket, the goon force will catch him on the rebound some other time...

2.timothy: yo greezy the bucket that lives in the 9th floor stairwell needs to score some rock

greezy: tell him to go to conrad, he has that nex ishh

timothy: safeeee
by charlie husllemore May 13, 2009

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