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A pretentious, often rich and/or bored young person, usually "bisexual", with a form of mental disorder which
both males and females with short hair and undercuts
Generally feel they have to be individual in some way or else their lives are pointless. (see example #1) Although they usually are not depressed or suicidal.
Overly friendly, because it's different to be nice to everyone. Especially complete strangers.
Always optimistic, regardless. (see example #2)
Love to go op shopping (see example #3)
Usually attempt some type of art form, mainly photography using black and white photographs or polaroids. (Or they take photos of their art with polaroids or black and white photographs)
Often partakes in drinking lattes and/or capuccinos, or chai lattes and tea whilst smoking their own rolled cigarettes. See degraves.
Think that the term 'art fag' is actually a good thing.
Also less commonly known (in australia) as hipsters.
#1 "What's the use in living if I'm just like someone else?"

#2 Kristy: art fag, female, 14 - JoJo: not art fag, female, 14
JoJo: "Kristy, I think I'm in a lot of trouble... I don't know what to do!"
*JoJo begins to cry*
JoJo: "The condom broke around three weeks ago with Jace and my period was due two weeks ago, I think I'm pregnant! I can't be pregnant it'll mess everything up... Why are you smiling?"
Kristy: "Oh, I'm sorry sugarplum it's just, a baby is something to be happy about!"
JoJo: "What the fuck?"
(true story, names have been changed)

#3 "That dress designed for 70 year olds looks sooo cute on you, and no one else will have it! Now we can really be special."
by charlie chase April 28, 2009
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