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Black version of Nostradamus (a character on "Chappelle's Show"
Nostradamus, why do white people like Wayne Brady?

White people like Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcom X
by Charlie Murphy March 10, 2004
1. A not so common last name, especially among the white population.

2. Way of getting around using the word "nigger" on chatrooms with censorship.
1. "Look hun, my sister just had another baby! Look at this bundle of joy!" "Aww, shes got those Niggar lips!"

"Where is Timmy? He's still asleep... He sure is one lazy Niggar!"

"Sorry that I have to remind you, but you forgot to pay last weeks bill. I know how forgetful you Niggars are when it comes to payin bills!"

by Charlie Murphy May 03, 2004
Fif: means to plead the fifth amendment; to not tell something to someone else because of whatever circumstances.

In the superlative, fif can be written as "fizzif"
Example 1: Rick: "Tell me what happened last night with that hot chick!'
James: "fif"

Example 2: "I plead the fif!"

Example 3: "I can tell you that I plead the fizzif"
by Charlie Murphy June 10, 2004
MILK GONE BAD! (often used by Rick James)
Charlie1 The Milks gone bad!
by Charlie Murphy April 20, 2004
a homosexual not open about his sexuality
"I think he's a canned fruit."
by Charlie Murphy March 11, 2004
(Noun) A chubby and/or large-sized man who dresses up as an angel or any sweet and comforting character thus making the whole ordeal look absurd and deplorable.
Mike was quite bloated with love handles and the Burger King manager insisted that dressing him up as an angel sitting on a cloud for their new low fat Whopper commercials just looked sick and made Mike a wassel.
by Charlie Murphy February 25, 2004
british slang term for anal sex
"They're having a back scuffle in the room over there."
by Charlie Murphy March 11, 2004

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