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A masturbation technique where a male masturbator rolls back onto his shoulders, with his body in the air over his face for the purposes of either giving himself a cum facial or eating his own load. Since the masturbator is essentially upside down, he takes on the appearance of a sleeping bat.
"I'm not flexible enough to suck myself off, so in order to cum in my own mouth, I have to resort to bat jacking"
by Char H January 08, 2006
Knocked askew. Alternate form of Kattywampus
"Slamming the door knocks the pictures on my wall all kittywampus."
by Char H January 08, 2006
One of those freakishly huge double-sided dildos.
"Check it out, man! She's breaking out the sea slug!"
by Char H January 11, 2006
Someone who vomits a lot.
"That little chunder monkey has been locked in the bathroom all night!"
by Char H January 29, 2006
A style of shaved and trimmed pubic hair on a woman where the only hair that remains forms a thin stripe from the top of the vagina up to where the hair stops growing at the bottom of the abdomen. Also known as an "extended Hitler" or a "landing strip". Popularized by exotic dancers.
"I can't get my girlfriend to shave it bald, but at least she is willing to do a stripper stripe."
by Char H January 08, 2006
Pornography (almost always amateur) made by white trash rednecks for white trash rednecks and featuring white trash rednecks.
I just saw some pornpone that had a guy with a corn cob shoved up his ass.
by Char H January 11, 2006
A term that originated in Rapid City, South Dakota describing an early group of punks that spent a lot of time in the forests of the Black Hills and plains of the Badlands hiking, camping, swimming, off-roading and otherwise thouroughly enjoying nature.
Jerry is an old-school gully punk who almost died alot.
by Char H January 11, 2006
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