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Knocked askew. Alternate form of Kattywampus
"Slamming the door knocks the pictures on my wall all kittywampus."
by Char H January 08, 2006
Thrashy heavy metal music as performed by Manowar and their ilk. Normally typified as brash, loud, fast and glorious. Lots of references to Vikings, battle and dragons. Also known as glory metal, and is the opposite of false metal.
"Brothers of True Metal proud and standing tall!"
by Char H January 29, 2006
One of those freakishly huge double-sided dildos.
"Check it out, man! She's breaking out the sea slug!"
by Char H January 11, 2006
Someone who vomits a lot.
"That little chunder monkey has been locked in the bathroom all night!"
by Char H January 29, 2006
A style of shaved and trimmed pubic hair on a woman where the only hair that remains forms a thin stripe from the top of the vagina up to where the hair stops growing at the bottom of the abdomen. Also known as an "extended Hitler" or a "landing strip". Popularized by exotic dancers.
"I can't get my girlfriend to shave it bald, but at least she is willing to do a stripper stripe."
by Char H January 08, 2006
Pornography (almost always amateur) made by white trash rednecks for white trash rednecks and featuring white trash rednecks.
I just saw some pornpone that had a guy with a corn cob shoved up his ass.
by Char H January 11, 2006
A term that originated in Rapid City, South Dakota describing an early group of punks that spent a lot of time in the forests of the Black Hills and plains of the Badlands hiking, camping, swimming, off-roading and otherwise thouroughly enjoying nature.
Jerry is an old-school gully punk who almost died alot.
by Char H January 11, 2006

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