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Wood is what is found in your pants when a beauty walks past, making your flacid member into a rod of pure wood
she was so attractive i found wood from a distance of 36 metres, i went home and used my wood to hammer in some nails
by chap your lady October 23, 2003
A baggy fanny (may have an echo). usually showing signs of age and wear,in to which your wand fits, easily, but is far from a magical experience.
# is akin to throwing a sausage down the Channel tunnel
# See bucket fanny
why that slag of mine has such a large wizards sleeve she cant fit the sagging mess of a minge skin and piss flap in her pants so it hangs and whistles when she walks, leaving a smell of decomposing fish downwind
by chap your lady October 25, 2003
the art of storing up a particulally aggressive turd then going to a friends house and stinking out thier toilet
i casually walked into my amigos hovel, tipped my hat, and went to quietly drop the bomb, it made the paint on the wall blister so i left, with a nod and a firm handshake
by chap your lady October 23, 2003
its the insides of a ladies thong when she walks past my wood
as my wood grew it became evident that she was moist from the noise her minge was making, and the dripping down her leg
by chap your lady October 23, 2003
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