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To resort to ridicule or hilarious violence after analyzing the opposition and concluding that no rational discourse is possible.

Derived from Buzz Aldrin who punched a Moon-Landing-Conspiracy-theorist in the face for calling him a coward, a liar and a thief.
Barney Frank totally Buzz Aldrined that dumb bitch making Nazi comparisons.
#rational #discussion #violence #ridicule #conspiracy
by chaosof99 August 20, 2009
An athlete or performer who fakes illness, injury or misfortune (e.g. missing equipment) in order to not have to appear in front of a rude crowd is said to have the Philly Flu.

It was particularly widespread among hockey players who were about to play the Flyers in the old Spectrum in Philadelphia, know for the rude Philly fans.
MacTavish apparently has a case of the Philly Flu tonight. Apparently the primary symptom is that he left his skates at the hotel.
#philadelphia #flyers #performer #sports #hockey
by chaosof99 January 27, 2011
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