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(v) When one rubs their feet on a male's penis.
My greatest desire is a footjob
by ChaosChronicle January 06, 2004
A large round stone circle. Bunch of symbols, spins around... ya can't miss it.
The Stargate is a portal to another world... another world with Amanda Tapping!
by ChaosChronicle January 07, 2004
(n) 1. A car that goes z00000m!!!
2. A word a dyslexic child can not speak or write incorrectly.
1. The racecar fugged up all the other cars on the track... cuz they're gay and not z00my fast...
2. The child meant to say racecar, only instead he said racecar.
by ChaosChronicle January 06, 2004
A town in England that is one hour away from London.
Used in Starcraft: Brood War as a password to enter a room in a Terran Scenario.
"I am going to Farnham today, because it is a town, and not a stupid definition like what that other fucktard Devon said it was."
by ChaosChronicle August 16, 2006
The general mispelling of the word Hentai by losers and fags.
I got henti wrong on my spelling test...
by ChaosChronicle January 07, 2004
(n) A person that 'bashes' a person or his/her/its views simply because that person has no life; a bad debator
The basher insulted me very often for my views on what is considered n00b.
by ChaosChronicle January 06, 2004
(n) A rediculous chant consisting of retarded inside jokes combined together. The Farnham Chant involves hand movements and rediculous comments. Most people will run away while hearing the farnham chant.
"The Farnham Chant was beginning to implode my brains," said McBobus
by ChaosChronicle January 06, 2004
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