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the act of discovery or creation, in rapid succession, of multiple, unrelated interesting ideas when under the influence of the Cannibus plant

Usually takes place in a solitary environment devoid of distraction and with few auditory or visual stimuli, such as a fan while staring at the ceiling in subject's residence or a comfortable familiar place to it, or perhaps in the shower.

Subject usually will feel a sense of Zen or Oneness with the world as he sees it at that moment.
***subject in shower; dialogue represents stream of consciousness***
S#1: When you say "nut in hand" with an english accent, it sounds like your trying to say "Nottingham"
S#1:i totally could've hooked up with that chick last night, she wanted it.I should text her friend and see how long she's in town for.
S#1: that chick who fucked me over last year texted me the other day, she still wants my nuts,i should have said i'd only fuck her once more, and only if i got to put it in her but, anc cum on her face, that would've been clever
S#1:i should make a movie about my life, but edit out all the boring parts, that would be interesting
S#1:wow, i wonder if theres a word for what i just did with coming up with fun ideas, if theres not i'm gonna call it stormstoning...i wonder if i could find it on urban dictionary...if not then i'll just make one with myself as an example...
***end dialog***
by chanchan man September 19, 2009

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