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the worthless shield is an invisible force that provides protection for people who are the lagrest drain on society in the world. ever notice how the really worthless people get shot 14 times or are involved in horrible accidents yet survive?

the only ways to disable the worthless shield are for the procted person to find religion, get a GED, or get a good job. this is evidenced by the interviews on the news of family members after a loved one has been killed. they always say "lil boosie just got baptised and got his life right" or "dehdeh just got his GED and was gonna straighten himself up" or "taequan just got a job with the city and started paying his child support."
guy 1: did you hear about the guy who got shot in the hood yesterday?

guy 2: no, did he die?

1: yeah he was dead before the ambulance got there.

2: did he just get his GED?

1: thats what the family said. how did you know?

2: he fucked around and lost his worthless shield.
by champcc1 October 14, 2008
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