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Chambuh: a word used to describe a(n): awkward, funny, weird, scary, unfortunate, bad, AND OR anything at all. It can be used in any moment, however it is usually used when negative things occur.

It can also be used as "chamberize" if someone is trying to trick or fool you.
(You walk into a party with your friends and your worst enemy is there and there is no alcohol) you would say: Shitt, I've gotta get outta this chambuh!

(You are doing doughnuts in a snowy parking lot and going out of control) You would scream: Chambuhs!!!!

(You wake up hungover and realized you did many bad things the night before and you text your friend: ) "Last night was the night of the chambuhs..."

(A friend tries to steal money out of your wallet and you catch them..) you would say: Stop chamberizing me!!
by chamberman1234 January 05, 2010

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