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this is an instance in which your cigarette is mangled and bent but in no way is the paper broken, making the cigarette still smokable. taken from the former anime series cowboy bebop in which spike spiegel's cigarettes are always mangled but remarkably still intact enough to smoke.
dude that cigarette is so spiegeled
by chalupaa February 25, 2010
like spaqueef this is also a loud exclamation used by many northern Minnesotans. Obviously used to let the world know you are in the middle of smoking or going to smoke weed. When exclaimed sound almost exactly like spaqueef. This word is most commonly used after taking a big hit and exhaling the smoke as you exclaim "smokeweed".
by chalupaa February 25, 2010
this word is a loud exclamation used by many northern Minnesotans to express nearly anything, from just letting out steam to ridiculing someone. no one knows the true meaning but when you are called it you know its offensive.

2.russ is such a spaqueef
by chalupaa February 25, 2010
06 or 6 a word commonly used in northern Minnesota that means weed of any kind (oh six)made for the purpose of talking about weed in public without worry of people catching on to the conversation.
hey dude wanna go smoke some 06
by chalupaa February 25, 2010
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