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1 definition by challs

"Challs" is derived from the belief in "Challsism." challs is everyone and everything.

Challs is a noun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, ECT.

Please read the word challs in a sentence for a better understanding-
dude that's totally challs.

I hate those damn challs.

My friend is a challsist.

I believe in challsism.

Dude my gf dumbed me over this stupid challs. Don't worry dude sometimes girls are too challs.

I had challs for dinner last night.

How long has it been since u brushed ur teeth? Um about 40 challs ago.

President bush is a fucking challs.

What's good challs?

I beat the challs out of those kids yesterday.

You see that girl over there!? I thinks she's challsing me!

Shut up challs.

For Christmas I got a lot of challs.

What challs, your gay. Omfc! (oh my fucking challs)

Challs = god

Challs can be good or bad.

Only one thing better than challs, and that is chuck noris!
by challs February 20, 2008