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A handgun, specifically, a revolver.
"You can't hide no biscuit in yo' pants like that!"
by chalk757 July 27, 2004
Very early in the morning. O’Dark-thirty is aviator speak for those bleak, lonely hours between midnight and 05:00 am. Those hours when your brain is telling your body to rest, relax, sleep.
"During Basic Training you WILL be getting up at O'Dark Thirty!"
by chalk757 July 28, 2004
A musician that really plays all out. Especially a horn player. From the big band era.
Man, he's really killer diller on that trumpet.
by chalk757 July 28, 2004
Used by deep south light skinned blacks, mainly at black colleges. They nailed a grocery bag by the front door, if you were darker than the bag, you couldn't get in........
Let throw a bag party Loretta!
by chalk757 July 28, 2004
A worthless good-for-nothing. Used in the original Mad Max movie.
Man, that skag is a rate!
by chalk757 July 28, 2004
Was a euphenism in the deep south for syphilis
"My brotha' has bad blood. He don't get no betta'.
by chalk757 July 28, 2004
Any black person (African Descent). Used between blacks as an inside reference to one another.
Any shade goin' be there?
by chalk757 July 27, 2004

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