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1 definition by chalalala

happens to be the best show on nick.
staring nat and alex wolff. thanks to
the Naked brothers band nick's ratings went up!
they are called the Naked Brothers Band. because
they were running around in there underwear
(when they were young) and started a band.
(im sure u have ran around in ur underwear to)
The Band includes Nat Wolff born December 17 1994
Alex Wolff born November 1 1997
David Levi born November 13 1994
Thomas Batuello born March 31 1994
Qaasim Middleton born January 13 1995 and
Allie DiMeco born June 12 1992
there manager is Cooper Pillot in the show but in real life there all best friends.
and Nat Wolff writes all the songs his self and is very talented. Also Alex writes a few. There show is on Nick mostly saturdays at 8;30. Most characters in the show are all related some way. Jesse Draper, there baby sitter in the show, in there cousin. Along with the Adorable Timerman Brothers who are also there cousins. and so is the principle. A few famous people have appeared on the show like George Lopez, Pete Wentz ect. They show just started as a little movie that Polly Draper, who is there real mother in real life, filmed. She sent it to people and they rejected it, Nickolodean liked the idea and then they made it from there. And they have won over a million children, and teenagers hearts.
Ricky- "Did you see The Naked Brothers Band last night?"
Chelsea- "Yeah it rocked Nat Wolff is so hot"
Gabe- "Man I wish I was as cool as The Naked Brothers Band"
Ricky- "I wish I was as hot as Nat Wolff"
Eric- "Yah man I'm so jealous"
by chalalala February 13, 2008
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