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common Turkish name for a baby girl, there is no accent over the e in written Turkish

in Turkish, the meaning is enamel, it also means something pretty

the people with this name are often misunderstood
a guy texting to his friend...

a guy…that's Miné, my best friend!

his friend…whats yours? i didn't know i was ur best friend, i am blushing doooooood
by chakrakhan February 06, 2011
A word used to display expression towards family or friends who don't deserve any special treatment just because of their status.
Nisa: "How is your sister in law doing? Is she still leaving the dirty dishes in the sink and expect you to clean after?"

Rita" "Oh, I am way over that. I just give her the street treatment, I'm not her mom."
by chakrakhan February 25, 2011

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