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This occurs when two mere aquaintances leave a location, and one individual says "goodbye" entirely too early. In this situation, the relationship is not yet close enough to openly acknowledge the incredibly awkward position they have now been forced into while walking to their immediate destination. This usually occurs while walking to vehicles, or separate apartments/rooms.
Josh: Goodbye, Colton!

Colton: See ya later, Josh!

(after an excruciating 30 second silent side-by-side walk to the parking lot, both Josh and Colton reach their vehicles and part ways.)

Colton: (says to self) Wow, that was a Premature Goodbye if I've ever seen one.
by chager45 February 14, 2010
Joining a group of people participating in a uniform dance routine (The Cupid Shuffle, The Funky Chicken, Line Dancing, etc.) at a dance club or wedding, with absolutely no intention of following the accepted dance pattern. Rogue Dancers stand out in a crowd with the objective of upsetting the dancing establishment.
Derick- Did you see me grinding on those bridesmaids doing the Hokey Pokey?

Colton- Yeah man, that was an excellent display of Rogue Dancing!
by chager45 February 14, 2010
Greeting another individual while walking towards each other, but doing so when there is still an abundant amount of walking space to be covered before passing each other. This untimely greet is usually very awkward, but can be saved by a brief conversation concerning issues such as weather, sports, or work.
Josh- I ran into a co-worker today downtown, but it was extremely awkward, because I said hello 20 feet away from him.

Colton- Oh, do you mean you became a victim of Premature Salutation?
by chager45 February 13, 2010

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