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Someone that drank to the point of blacking out and looses all track of time by time traveling to a near and confusing future. Also known as the Tom Traveler.
The time traveler was drinking at the bar and ended up at a strange apartment where I was naked on the floor, with the water running.
by chadeo12 June 17, 2009
Anyone (mostly new to America) who preforms yard, or field work with a shirt on, typically a wife beater. The tan left is a manual labor tan. Portugeese or Hispanics are the usualy suspects and makes more sense seeing that their name can be Manny.
"My arms are dark but chest is glow in the dark white, damn Manny tan."
by chadeo12 June 04, 2009
Ass gleeking is an involuntary action that causes a person to drop a slight terd, with no force as would be expected in a Shard. Typically happens after a swim or eating Taco Bell.
"Mmm that volcano taco was great. What's this little grease spot on my seat, don't tell me I just ass gleeked?"
by chadeo12 June 04, 2009
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