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The act of violently shoving a mattress with a person in it up against a wall. Preferably on the the top bunk of a bunk bed which creates better leverage. A wall burrito can be a form of punishment or a source of amusement. Or both at the same time. Wall burritos are common in fraternities where stupid pledges or total douchebags are served up spicy wall burritos on the reg. Also a presidential platter is the act of wall burritoing my pussy during the 2008-2009 school year when he was PC President and had his own crib.
I got woken up last night to Darsch's head smacking the wall from a wall burrito.
That fuckin wedge didnt do my laundry well enough so we wall burritoed the shit out of him.
Koehn came into the racks last night and served up some spicy wall burritos.
by chadbrochill99 November 12, 2009

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