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in yiddish this means a man that has his pants hiked up too far and has split the difference in his bean bag leaving one nut on either side of the crotch seam causing the individual nuts (you'll have to sit this one out hitler, sorry) to hang low and give that 'sad puppy dog eyes' appearance to the nutsack. most often associated with older men in slacks with belts.
grandpa- fuck dude, reunite your nuts. your pants are like the berlin wall of nutsacks. tear down the wall! tear down the wall! tear down the wall!
by chad yazzells July 21, 2005
the feeling one gets when reading many of these definitions. something that should make you feel sick/dirty/disgusted/disturbed/nauseus yet makes you laugh and show your friends. this one has been blown wide open since the proliferation of sick fucks on the internet. amen
'hey, they're giving that woman an enema with scrabled eggs- that's disgusting. hey, she's shitting those eggs into a pre-heated wok- that's hilarious. hey, they're all eating it- that's, you guessed it, disgutilarious.'
by chad yazzells July 21, 2005
another name for camel toe. it allows many more of god's hoofed animals to be a part of the degradation of women.
ma'am, excuse me but did you get kicked in the hoo-ha by a goat recently? no? well then pull your pants out of your snatch crack you sicko. i can't even enjoy this BLT looking at that thang. talk about inconsiderate. geesh
by chad yazzells July 21, 2005
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