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the act of self-gratification using chop-sticks.

see also estefaning
and Gloria Estefan and the Angst Machines
1) Lucy Liu is best known for her Oriental Estefaning skills.

2) Lucy Liu only scored the Charlies Angels roles because she was oriental estefaning in front of the director. While he was eating lunch.
by Chad Valiant February 01, 2004
The term used to describe when a female porn star smears mooze lusciously around her lower lip and chin with her tongue, while grunting seductively.
Similar to Jabba the Hutt in Reurn of the Jedi, while he is looking longingly at princess Leia.
1)I can't help but mooze when I see a slobbering Jabba Tongue.

2)I try to time my moozing to when Sylvia Saint does a slobbering Jabba Tongue at the end of her scene with Chad Valiant.
by Chad Valiant February 03, 2004
The act ot self-gratification using tooth-picks

see also doing the Gloria
and Gloria Estefan and the Angst Machines
Mum caught Dad watching me Estefaning
by Chad Valiant February 01, 2004
The process entailed in the usual act of a frodo, but done at extremely high velocity. In a monster truck. Which is on fire. And travelling on ice. Wearing an extremely flamable gold lam'e dress. With both hands tied behind your back. With your scrotum. And not having a valid drivers license.
Guy 1: That guy just shot some mooze in my hair!
Guy 2: But look what he was wearing. And driving. Without a valid drivers license I might add. Dude, you've just been extreme frodo'd.
Guy 1: I'm flattered (and validated).
by Chad Valiant February 01, 2004
The action of ejaculation. To mooze.
1)My Mum caught me moozing over the electronics store catalogue.
2)I was moozing for about five minutes. There was so much mooze she almost drowned. She loved it, the slut.
by Chad Valiant February 01, 2004
Useless fat KFC-eating tubs of mooze. Who rape themselves. Anally. With police issue brooms.
Guy 1: I feel like a useless tub of shit.
Guy 2: So you feel like the Deceptikornz?
Guy 1: Yes, but with less of the anal raping.
by Chad Valiant February 01, 2004
to ejaculate; the remnants of said ejaculation
The Chinese altar-boy was covered in mooze
by Chad Valiant February 01, 2004

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