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One who uses their cock for only (or mainly) anal intercourse.
Zed doesn't care if its a man or a woman, he'll hit any backdoor he can find. He's a real shitscrubber.
by chachmaster420 October 11, 2011
A blowjob with a mouth full of ice cubes.
I got a cold smoker from Daphne last night. She did a great job of keeping the ice and my rod in her mouth with no drooling.
by chachmaster420 November 16, 2011
One who can't get enough goo and is always on the prowl for goo.
Dan is such a goohound, Trent splattered jizz all over the floor and Dan licked that up too.
by chachmaster420 October 16, 2013
Getting a BJ while the chick is laying on her back. You mount facing her feet, cock in mouth, sack on her eyeballs. Combination of a BJ and Arabian Goggles.
The other night I was doing an Inverted Burka. It took awhile to bust because the chick's beak kept stabbing me in the taint.
by chachmaster420 May 04, 2011
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