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Usually a woman or man who is a self centered (bitch) that just cannot be pleased and how their place in society somehow outranks yours.

In the workplace, its the snob that blames other people for their problems and how its hindering their work...

And of course the uppity/stuck up brat (read- bitch) that just won't shut up about how her relationship with some random dude is better than yours
omg, she's so full of bitch

At the watercooler, Andy wouldn't shut up about how everyone around him kept interrupting his research, wow, hes full of bitch today

I overheard Tabby talk to Anna about how her new fantasy boyfriend wipes the table when compared to hers, just a bad case of full of bitch... again
by chachawatcher April 15, 2010
where a person driving on a multi-lane road will recklessly cross at least 2-3 travel lanes at once. (turn signal optional)

usually you will hear horns honked from the other drivers that are near the lane diver
that idiot just dove across all 4 lanes of traffic to get to the exit

in the natural environment of the lane diver, usually on a 3-4 lane highway with moderate amounts of traffic, when distracted by elements inside its transport vehicle, the lane diver will suddenly remember the exit it wants is on the other side of the highway. It will dive across all travel lanes without taking time to look if the lane is clear

(wrecks/sideswipes are all too common with the lane diver)
by chachawatcher May 28, 2009
There are four different terms for fell/falling in the river

Actually falling into a river
Passing out after drinking way too much at a party

Getting wasted

Tripping and falling in a spectacular way
Dude, Judy's sister just fell in the river, now she's mad and soaking wet

Last night i fell in the river at Steve's bachelor party, my hangover is killing me!

Watch that chick over there on the corner of the bar, she's trying to fall in the river with whiskey shots

Sam fell in the river after tripping over an imaginary water hose by the corner of his house, the garbage bag he was carrying burst open and paper went flying everywhere
by chachawatcher July 05, 2009
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