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Traditionally a sexual act where a women licks the mold and dirt from a dirty and unwashed partner. This started in early asia when mold was thought to be a delicacy.
Lisa was wasted last night and gave that homeless man a moldy melvin
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
Typically a fetish act started in the small mexican coastal village of burritoholafajita where a man shoves dirt in a womens vagina and then has intercourse with her. It is also a rite of passage for the uneducated.
Dude, mexican dirt salad are not as much fun as they sound
by chachaddict April 17, 2009
A dirty smelly hippie woman who doesn't shave her legs or shower. She has sex with endangered species and eats her own feces. This became a popular way of life during the 60's with stoners and losers.
That's the smelliest hariest girl I've ever seen. She must be a granola gal!
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
A large retaurant chain claiming to be "australian". The wait to get a table is long, because of all the fat old people, the steak is served raw and still partially frozen, and the servers r slow and have down syndrome. A great place to go to spend 100 dollars for shit and food poisoning.
"Hey george let's go to outback steakhouse!"

"Yum sally! I'm totally in the mood to wait in line for an hour and get exposed to mad cow disease"

"Yeah george! And I'm ready to eat overpriced frozen meat that has nothing to do with the australian outback!"
by chachaddict April 19, 2009

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