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A morbidly obese male or female whose diet consists soley of fried mexican foods. They can be found at fast food chains across the world, or at walmart in the big and tall clothing sections. The lifespan of these individuals is quite low therefore they are considered an endangered species.

Guy 1: hey let's go to taco bell.
Guy 2: hell no that place is gonna be packed with chalupa muncher s
by chachaddict April 17, 2009
A term of endearment used by asian women 2 describe their experiences with american lesbians.this is typically found on college campuses on the east coast.
Kym was in a complete state of ramona madness when she remembered what she did the night before
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
A sweet treat that has been either purpously or accidently dropped on an especially dirty floor and then put back on the serving tray with the others. This may be an act of revenge, or simple laziness.
"Bwahaha check it out that chick is takin a bite outa that cookie of doom "
by chachaddict April 17, 2009
A member of a gang who mastrubates on the sides of other members legs without them knowing. This gained popularity in southern california in the past 5 years. They may also mastrubate in2 members hair, ears, nose or hands.
Dude I saw emilio side gangster that new guy.
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
A term of frustration and anger used by college students used to denote the offenders immaturity and lazy tendencies.
"Do you ever stop whining u dumbass floor baby "

"Steph is sucha floor baby she won't stop laughing about poop and pee jokes"
by chachaddict April 17, 2009
An illegal fetish act performed by morbidly obese women who dump insects on sleeping homeless womens breasts. This urge will b experienced at a very early age and cause over eating. Typically the act is performed in large cities and homeless shelters.
"Ugh my mom is so fat she is always talkin bout tit tickles its creepy"
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
A fetish developed in the northern mexican mountain ranges of salsaholataco, where a mexican man shoves dirt in a females mouth and then recieves oral from her. This is also a rite of passage practiced by males starting at age 5.
Dude, that chick just gave me a mexican dirt kiss It sucked.
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
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