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A giant soul sucking chain of department stores, which started out as a grocery store and is now an incredibly profitable business. They pride themselves on low prices and great customer service. The so called sale prices aren't sales, they r items that hav been marked up and then down 2 create a fake sale, the clearence is the only good deal, with xxxl sizes and damaged merchandise. The managment are power hungry uneducated fools that sit on their asses all day and complain that nothing gets done. Customers who shop there r fat white trash hicks that let their inbred kids run around the store destroying everything, while they try on hoochie mama outfits. Employees r underpaid slaves that hav 2 listen 2 customers bitch and complain that they didn't get the 75 cents off they were promised in their imaginations. Kohls is the place wher dreams go 2 die.
Brother:"after were done having sex, wanna pack up the 12 kids and head to kohls?"

Sister:"yea, I don't hav a job or a life I mite as well go try on clothes that don't fit"
by chachaddict April 20, 2009
A celebratory act started in the early 70's by oprah and family, where midgets are hunted, and then corraled into small pens where they are forced to perform circus tricks. This form of entertainment is no longer practiced by oprah, but is still enjoyed by the mentally ill, alcoholics, and wealthy housewives
"Wow the midget farming was incredible last night, those little guys can really dance!"
by chachaddict April 17, 2009
Also known as MDD, it causes sufferers 2 enjoy and actually believe that shows about spoiled whores like the hills and super sweet 16 are real and not scripted. The only known cures are blindness, an education, pshyciatric therapy, viagra, maturity, a job, and sushi.
My daughter either has down syndrome or MTV delusion disorder so she is goin 2 da mental institution
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
A sexual act in which a male mastrubates into a bowl of rice pudding, and then gets sexually aroused as he watches the unknowing individual consume the pudding. This was a popular practice among college students in the 1980's and is still widely done in southerb europe.
"Dude check out tina! She is totally shoveling down that dirty rice pudding that's sick!"
by chachaddict April 18, 2009
A common occurence involving drunk young adults, when a young man exposes his testicles which are then attacked by common house pets. It can also refer to an angry women who bites off the testicles of her male partner. Most men die from this.
Dude, my parrot did a total sak attack on me last night, I was so wasted!
Hey did u hear bout dat girl that's in jail? She pulled a sak attack on her man and he died!
by chachaddict April 14, 2009
An excessive fear and or act of laziness a driver has of using their blinker to signal a turn or lane change. This is a major cause of car accidents, road rage, and traffic violations.
"Gee greg why don't you use ur blinker when u turn? All those people would stop honking!"

"Ah I'm just a lazy fuckin asshole. I don't give a shit bout following the law."

"Hmm I hope u get re ended dumb fuck get over ur blinker phobia"
by chachaddict April 23, 2009
A common practice among celebrities who are famous for no reason like oprah, paris hilton, dr. Phil, and hannah montana,where pictures they take of their braided pubic hair are sent to small children in third world countries.
OMG hannah montana sent my 3 year old a dangle fame pic
by chachaddict April 14, 2009

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